Re: 1811-1812 Zemplem Census/ ColumbiaU answer #hungary

ALEX M P MILLER <alexm6@...>

Hello Ley & all

your posting:

"Dr izidor Goldberg analyzed, dissected and organized the JEWISH data
in an article published in a Zemplen periodical called ''Adalekok
Zemplen Megye Tortenetehez'', which is organized in 18 volumes and it
can be found at Columbia U in NYC.
The data in the census includes 3200 names of head of households or
widows, by location. No family members, wives or occupation(except
professionals-- very few). >
I have seen this article and it says that the additional information was
preserved for the HEGYALJA district of Zemplen county. It points out the
exact location of this material in the Zemplen archives. I am trying to
get some input >from the archivist there, Dr HOGYE, so far no answer. I am
very interested myself.

Alex Miller


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