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You have made a very common error.  The fighting ended at 11 am on the 11th of November (the 11th month) of 1918.  But that was the Armistice.  The War did not end for another 2 years when the Peace Treaty was signed.  Note that the fighting between North Korea and Soth Korea ended about 60 years ago, but the Peace Treaty is only just being discussed.  Countries are technically at war until Peace is signed and this sometimes forgotten and does not happen until a second war has come to a fighting end.
David Harrison
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Hi Michael,
Thank you for pointing me to the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society!  I found the mysterious record on that site - it is an extracted birth record, and still mysterious.  But now we know where to look!

It turns out that the combination of the Royal Flying Corp and the Royal Naval Service into the Royal Air Force occurred in April, 1918 and the war didn't end until Nov, 2018.  I believe that men in that part of the British military considered themselves (and I think were officially discharged) from the Royal Air Force.  You can read more on the website of the RAF Museum here:   Welcome to RAF Museum Storyvault - RAF Museum Storyvault

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
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