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Kay Kole is a certified genealogist. That is quite different >from a
professional genealogist whose only requirement for useing that designation is that he or she charge a fee commensurate with the work to be done. A certified genealogist is one who has specialized training in the subject matter of family research. Usually, one finds that a certified genealogist is also a professional since they've have already invested time and resources into making genealogy their career.

Therefore, it was with serious import that I listed to Kay's request. She
implored me to share with you her recent experience with Dr. A Harmath,
owner and principal of Hungarogens, a Hungarian genealogy firm. I told her I would quote her correspondence with Dr. Harmath verbatim, and without added comment since I had no way to independently investigate this matter.

from Kaye Kole to Dr. A Harmath on 3 July 1998 -
" Dear Dr. Harmath: On the 26th of May I met with you at the Marriott Hotel
in Budapest, where I gave you $100 to find verification of births of Mortiz
Holitscher in 1812, and Rosa Pinsker in 1829. You indicted that would be
easy to do. You also indicated that you might be able to find death
information for them, if they died in Budapest. So far, I have heard nothing >from you. Please let me know what you have done.

Yours truly, Kaye Kole"

written in pen at the bottom of the page:

" At this time, 15 September, I have heard nothing. Thanks for spreading the information.
Sincerely, Kaye Kole"

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