Re: Was there a place called Strasburg in Silesia in 1875? #germany #poland

Rodney Eisfelder

I don't think there was a place called Strasburg in Silesia, but two possibilities are
1) Brodnica formerly Strasburg in West Prussia and now in central northern Poland, which became part of Poland in 1920
and perhaps (but much less likely)
2) a place called Deutsch Nettkow which was renamed to Strassburg (Oder) in 1937. This was in Brandenburg province, and became part of Poland in 1945.

Brodnica was under German control in 1875, and was not far from the border with Russian Poland.

To see more places, I suggest you consult one of the versions of Dr Michael Rademacher's "Ortsbuch". The relevant page is: and look for both stras and straƟ

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

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