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Mark Halpern

Dear Helen:

If your search the JRI-Poland database for town of Ozimina, there are 131 entries. Of those 131 entries, 7 are for FALLER and 8 for BITTNER. Some of those matches are for both surnames. Of the FALLER/BITTNER entries, all but one are in Sambor. Sambor is the town where residents of Ozimina registered their vital events. 

In addition to those types and years that are in the JRI-Poland database, we have indexed records for Sambor not in the database covering births up to 1917 and marriages/deaths up to 1936. 

If you are interested, please contact me privately.

You should also look at the Gesher Galicia online database which has some earlier marriages indexed. 

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Lwow Area Coordinator

On 2021-12-22 4:05 pm, ernstcal via wrote:

My mother's family lived in Ozimina, near Sambor.  Does anyone have any information on this town?  

Helen Ernst Dosik
researching Faller, Bittner families
Northridge, CA

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