Re: Rabbi Lippman Heller #rabbinic

Jack Berger


 I went to Yeshiva with a classmate, the late Dr. Bertrand Agus. Regrettably both of his younger brothers have also passed away.

Bert was very clear that his family had documentation that traced their ancestry to Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipman Heller. He went further to say that this validated the family's supposition that the Agus family could trace its lineage back to Rashi.

The passing of these brothers has left me without a contact to their progeny. To them I am a dinosaur.  I believe they have relatives in Baltimore and somewhere in California.

Their original family name in Europe was Agushevitz (opssibly Ogushwitz).and they are from Svisloch in modern day Belarus.

Quite apart from this, in translating the Zolkiew Yizkor book, I see references to a "Lipman Heller."

Let me know if you find anything.

Kol Tuv
Jack Berger, PhD
Mahwah, NJ

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