Can’t find info or relatives of Moscovitz family from Podu Turcului Romania #romania


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I’ve had this substantial brick wall in my research for awhile now, and asking if anyone could help me. I’m looking for documentation/info/relatives of all/any of the Moscovitz family in both the US and Romania. Relatives of Isaac Moscovitz especially. 


The head of the family was Isaac Moscovitz (b. ~ 1838, Tecuci County - d. 09/06/1935, NYC). Isaac married Golda Moscovitz (b. 1856, Podu Turcului - d. 06/03/1925, Bronx) in ~1875. The pair had 7 children, of which I only know 4. They are: Clara Mendelsohn (b. 01/1876 - d. 03/26/1907), Harry Moskowitz (b. ~1880 - d. ?), Lena Friedman (b. 03/26/1886, Podu Turcului - d. 09/02/1957, Manhattan), and Rose Seger (b. ~1890 - d. ?). 


Isaac was the son of Moses Moscovitz and Tobie Schwartz. His wife Golda Mashe was the daughter of Noia (Nathan) Moscovitz/Moise and Alta Caroline Fisher. Golda had several siblings, two of them I know. They are: Beila Chaya Rigler (b. 1864, Podu Turcului - d. 05/07/1932) and Fannie Siegel ( b. 1875, Podu Turcului - d. ?). On Fannie Siegel’s immigration record it lists a sister as “Iancu Lebowitz”, which is likely one of her sister’s husbands. 


Isaac and Golda immigrated to the US ~1900 in search of their son Harry, who had ran away. The rest of the family immigrated 1904-1908. 


Initially they settled in Pittsburgh PA, however several members ( mainly Isaac and Golde + their children) moved to NYC in the late 1910- early 1920s. 


Isaac Moscovitz’s family search id is G88V-FCP


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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