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Imagine walking through your ancestors' footsteps in the shtetl they were born, and maybe killed. While I have not taken this opportunity yet, several of my cousins on my mother’s side of the family have done so. My first cousin traveled to Yedinitz (Bessarabia, now Moldova) in 1997 with his wife Carole and their daughter Julia.
Here is a link to the videotape that he recorded on his visit. He documented the walk through the town, seeing the actual house where his father and my mother were born. He visited the Jewish Cemetery and saw the disarray (by the way, another project is underway to clean, photograph and document the remaining gravestones).
Reading the translated articles in the Yedinitz Yizkor book has a similar feeling of stepping back in time. The book is filled with fascinating articles, stretching from schools, weddings, politics, religion, and people from the town. There are hundreds of photographs of the town and people that lived or died there.

As an example, please read the article named A Life That Will Never Returned on page 139.
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Allan Ira Bass

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