Re: Kronenberg and Chemerinsky #names

Stefani Elkort Twyford

For those discussing this Kronenberg thread, I am the administrator of the Kronenberg surname project on FamilyTreeDNA. If you are a Kronenberg, please join our group.

What I have learned is that there are some distinct lines around Poland. My Kronenberg line came from Koden, up on the current border of Belarus near Brest. There are numerous branches from Koden and Brest and all have similar given name patterns. There is another distinct line from Warsaw and another line from the Slawatycze area. I have all of these lines drawn out on my tree in order to see if I can find a thread between the two. So far, with the FTDNA group, I have identified two distinct Y male lines but everyone in every group seems to have an autosomal relationship. Please contact me directly if I can be of some help.
Stefani Elkort Twyford
Researching: Siegal/Segal, Spiel, Tarle, Ilkovics, Feiermann, Kronenberg, Szerman, Kletzel, Ricker/Ricken

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