Re: Rabbi Dov Berisch SPIRA of Bardejov #rabbinic

Moishe Miller


I can tell you that your  Rabbi Dov Berisch SPIRA (c1785 - c1830) was not a son or grandson of the Bnei Yissoschur, R' Hersh Mylech Spira (1783-1841). And, as the Bnei Yissoschur's father was Pesach LANGSAM, it is not likely that they were siblings. 

However, there is a Spira family from right over the mountains, that lived in Tylicz, Galicia, Poland, and it was common for Galician Jews to travel to/from Saros county, in Slovakia, where Bardejov (also called Bardfeld) was located. This Spira family from Tylicz is also linked to the Deresiewicz family from the same town of Tylicz.

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