Photo, or information on headstone in Mt. Zion, Queens #usa


Hi! If anyone will soon be visiting Mt. Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens, N.Y., I would greatly appreciate it if either a photo, or even a listing of the information on a particular headstone of a family member, could be "relayed" to me, as I am "half a continent" away. I am most interested in the name of the father of the deceased, but any additional info might also be useful.  The party in question is,  Abraham Lehrer, d. Feb. 15, 1915. The grave location is as follows;  Kremenitzer Society, Path 30,  gate # 1.

Thank you.

Neilan Stern
searching: Radomysl Wielki - Stern, Pistrong, Spatz;  Vilijampole, Kovno - Aronov/wsky, Cohen; Nesvizh - Schwarz, Black.

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