Puzzled about my GGM #hungary

ezwiebac <ezwiebac@...>

I hope someone can suggest possibilites for inconsistent information on my
Father's Grandmother >from NagyKanizsa, Zala, Hung.
My Father's Mother , Fani, had 2 sisters; Celicia and Regine.

Cecilia came to U.S. in 1882. I have her "Anyakonyvi kivonat" (an original,
with her birth date of 1855). This form has her mothers name: Hangyabor
Schwarz. So I thought H. Schwarz was my GGM. The kivonat is dated 1876; is
that significant?

About Regine, born 1843, died in Vienna; I recently received a letter from
the Israelische Kultusgemeinde Vienna. They said Regine's mother was
Katharina Kohn.

Finally, about my GM Fani (born 1857, died in N.Kanizsa)); I just received
a Death Record statement (thru the local Hungarian Consulate) from
N.Kanizsa. It states that her mother was Katalin Kohn.

I'm looking at 3 pieces of data; 1st sister (1843) and last sister (1857)
with mother K. Kohn. Middle sister (1855) with mother H. Schwarz; the only
"original" document.

Any ideas on why the different mothers names?

Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA
ZWIEBACK/Herend, Hung.; Graz, Aus.
POLLAK/KOHN/N.Kanizsa, Hung.; Varazdin, Croa.

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