Re: Puzzled about my GGM #hungary


Dear Ed,
As you probably surmised, the date on the Birth Registry Extract is,
normally, insignificant and irrelevant. The only exception is when it provides
the audit trail for name changes, such as one occuring due to remarriage.
The explanation for a different name for the mother of one of the sisters
(Cecilia) probably lies in a very common error of those times. Usually, the
births were reported by a mid-wife, whose name frequently (and, of course,
mistakenly) was entered as the mother's name. You can very easily determine
now if this was the case---if you need any guidance on how to go about it ,
please contact me privately, through my E-mail (preferrably not until mid-
By the way, I assume that you know that the names Katalin and Katharina
are interchangeable (usually, primarily depending on the nationality of the
Registrar, rather than the names actually given....)
Peter A. Gergay
San Francisco, CA

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