Goldmans of Hungary/Austria Where From ? #hungary


I've been having a problem with the Goldman family >from Austria or is it
Hungary. Half of the census records states Austria, as do some family members
and the rest >from Hungary. Some go back and forth with the place names.

I have David And Emma Stein Goldman and their son, Henry arriving into the US
(New York) in 1887. Because of the time peroid, I have been unable, so far, to
locate a passenger list.
However, David's 19 year old sister, Sadie Goldman, arrives from
Hungary/Austria in 1900 and according to the census record has been in the US
only 3-4 months. The 1900 census has her >from Austria and the 1910 states
she's >from Hungary. At least if the 3-4 months time peroid is accurate, I
should have a better chance of locating a passenger record because I would
onlyhave a 3 months span of ship records to check. I also did not find her on
the soundex cards films.

My question is: Would someone coming >from Austria most likely arrive in the US
from Hamburg. Perhaps if I can locate >from her passenger records the place she
came, it will help me in locating where David and Emma came >from and perhaps
locate both his and her parents.

Ley K. O'Connor

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