Balta Search for Schlafrick/Leibowitz Family #poland

Marilyn Feingold

My great grandfather, Wolf Bear (Zev Dur) Coleman Leberach was born in 1826 in either Balta or Warsaw.  His parents were Anna Gold (b.1800) and Lewis Schlafrick (b.1805). Wolf Bear married my great grandmother, (Miriam (maiden name Gorigansky) in 1870. I believe they were married in Balta. Their first two children, Sara Frieda and Harry were born in Balta.  After immigrating to the United States Wolf Bear used many different last names.( Schlafrick, Leberach, Labowitz, Leibowitz,). I am trying to determine where Wolf, Mariam, Wolf’s parents, Anna and Lewis, were born. I would also like to know where Anna and Lewis are buried.  On Ancestry it states that Lewis's last name was Labourty, not Schlafrick. Thanks in advance for any information you can send my way!
Marilyn Feingold (Decatur, Georgia)

MILGROM (Tulchin, Obodivka, Trostinets,  Kishinev, Argentina, Australia, Tashkent, Kiev, Israel
SCHLAFFER (Camenca,  Shpikov, Sorocca, Teleneshti, Odessa, Israel)
ITKIS/ATKIN (Bila Tserkov) 



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