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I have just checked the meaning of the word "commorirt" both in German and in Latin - since it is clearly a Latin origin word. In both languages the meaning of the word is to stay, to sojourn, to live, to dwell. (the Latin infinitive of the verb is "commorare" and the noun is "commoratio" = residence or dwelling (also delay). Clearly it is a word used in the 18th and 19th centuries and the only examples I could find were from old texts from the 19th century; not in modern usage.
I am not familiar with special genealogical meanings and terms but I would guess that in the censuses and other lists there were Jews who were "tolerirt" =  "tolerated" i.e. given permission to live where they were in return for paying the tolerance tax (introduced by Maria Theresa) and others who were "commorirt" i.e. who had been living there for some time and were accepted on that basis as residents. 
Perhaps someone who is more familiar with the censuses would be able to confirm.  
Judy Young Drache
Ottawa, Canada

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