Looking for my maternal relatives from Romny #general #ukraine

Shimona Kushner

My grandmother was born in the town of Romny (I think this is in the Sumy district).  Her father, Abraham Gordon, was married to Minna (Miriam)--don't know her maiden name.  Abraham owned a print shop in the town.  He and Miriam had three daughters:  Eda, Leah (Lyda), and Dorah.  Leah married my grandfather, Shimon Soloveichik and they moved to Poltava.  I think that Dorah also lived in Poltava after WWI.  She married a man named Miron and had a daughter named Milla. I searched the Jewish Gen lists but came up with nothing.  I assume that Abraham was born some time after the middle of the 19th century.  Dorah and Milla perished in WWII (my mother told me they were killed by the Nazis but I have no further information.  Can anyone give me any clues about how I can find information/documents about this branch of my family?  Please respond to my private e mail:  shimona@g.technion.ac.il

Shimona Yaroslavsky Kushner

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