Extended family of Rabbi Mordechai ZACKHEIM-Pinsk, 19th cent. #rabbinic #israel

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My great greatuncle, R" Chaim Dov KANTOR, of Pinsk (Karlin) and
Zichron Yacov, Israel wrote in his diary that the Rabbi of Pinsk (or
Karlin) a certain Mordechai Leib of Ruzhin, was a relative of his
mother. Chaim Dov was a well known personality in early Israel
zionist history as a charedi settler in the ZichronYacov (near Haifa)
and as a mashgiach of the winery (Yekev) there.

Searching through the rabbinical personalities of the mid 19th cent.
in Pinsk and/or Karlin, I am almost sure that the unnamed (family)
Rabbi was Mordechai Leib ZACKHEIM.

To the best of my knowledge, ZACKHEIM studied at the Volozhin Yeshiva
and there is a family rumor that Chaim Dov's mother was somehow
related to the Volozhin family.

Does anyone knowledgeable regarding the extended ZACKHEIM family know
of a connection between Chaim Dov KANTOR and Mordechai Leib ZACKHEIM.

Alternatively, would anyone a theory who else-presumably a Mordechai
Leib (something) would have been the Rav of Pinsk (or Karlin) in the
mid 19th century.


Wishing everyone a happy month of Shvat.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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