Re: Father and son with same name and what is correct name of grandfather? #names


To answer your second question first, I think the grandfather's name is Berka (I believe a nickname for Baruch but not sure) and since Leiba is a woman's name (although it could be a mistaken transcription of the man's name Leib) I would make a guess that the groom Meer's mother Leiba was the only parent alive when he married and therefore she is recorded instead of the father.
There is a lot of speculation in this, but I think it is possible that the father and son were both Meer. First of all, while it is highly unusual there are cases of Ashkenazim naming after living parents. It's also possible that the father died before the son's birth and the note doesn't imply that he was a current living resident but rather had been a resident of Bobruisk when living. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable about the implications of comments on the records or maybe someone who can find and read the original document can help you clarify more.

Binyamin Kerman
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