Re: * Hungarian Jewish Archives (fwd) #hungary

Ujlaki Gyorgy <ujlaki.gyorgy@...> 1998.10.03. 23:11:22 -4h-kor irta:

When I was in Budpest, this archive was not open at its then listed
times (or at all). Recommend anyone planning to try to use it be sure
to call first.

Barbara Kaufman

I can only confirm the above message. Although it should be open once in a
week, it's really difficult to get in. But it has an enormous advantage over other
places: you can in fact hold the anyakonyvek/metrical books in your hand! No
microfilms, no microfiches, but the real thing! If you find the archivist in good
mood, you can even xerox them!

Wish you a pleasant Sukkoth!


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