Finding records or archives for money sent from the US to Russia in 1921 #records #usa #russia

Diane Katz. SURNAMES/TOWNS: Laske/Ladyzhin;,Steinberg Kiev; Grunberg Rheinhorn/Iasi; Milston/Slutzk; Bicz/Mogilev; Glas/Varniai; Moskowitz/Nagy-Saros Klein/Eperjes; Hefliech/Hungary; Marks/Machester/Suwalki; Shedrofski/Suwalki

As a beginner family genealogist I could use some advice about using the National Archives.  Would records exist from a US post office or possibly Western Union for money sent from Bismarck, ND to Russia - most likely Kiev in 1921 or 1922?   I'm searching for this because I found a newspaper article from the Bismarck Tribune from February 1922 which mentions how my great grandfather  Sam Lasken received a letter of confirmation from his brother-in-law that he received his funds.  The brother-in-law indicated that things were desperate and he was their only source of money.  This must have been during the famine.   The focus of the article was the fact that the postage was 10,000 rubles which before the war would have been $5,000.  This is was indication of how horrible the inflation was.  My interest is finding the name of the "brother-in-law".

Any advice appreciated.
Diane Katz

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