Re: Looking for book on Lower East Side, circa early 1900s #usa #general

Rick Luftglass

Though this is an article, not a book, the LES folks here might find it interesting.  The article, The Old New York East Side, was by my great uncle, Louis S. Bieley, for the Jewish Spectator. He was an immigrant from Bogopol, Russia (now part of the city of Pervomaisk, Ukraine), and in the early 20th century he became a journalist for various Jewish (incl Yiddish) papers.  He tends to focus here on significant individuals, but also gives a nice flavor of the area.

I've attached a pdf of the text of the article, but unfortunately don't have the publication itself (I copied and transcribed it from a library).

(note: though he refers to it as the "East Side," it is the Lower East Side.)

Rick Luftglass
Brooklyn, NY

Locations of interest.
Pcim (Myslenice county), Poland
Oswiecim, Poland
Andrychow, Poland
Gdow, Poland
Narajow (present-day Ukraine)
Namestovo (present-day Slovakia)
Bogopol (present-day Pervomaisk, Ukraine)

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