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Wendy Kalman

I am seeking records for those who moved to and lived in a tiny agricultural colony called Berdynove in the Tiraspol district of Kherson region but also asĀ Shiryaevsky district of the Odessa oblast,. On a map I do see it is northwest of Odessa. (This contains all the info I can find on it:!AsqD_if0QqCNjhotmJ590awNYISp?e=CXnrq1 and I thought the Tiraspol revisions lists of 1858 might be what includes its residents, but am not 100% certain). The colony was founded in 1858 mostly from residents of Volyn and Podolia. It apparently also went by the name Volnaya.

Four BURDA siblings born mostly in the 1880s left there in the early 1900s through 1925 to come to the US. I know from records and headstones their father's first name (Yoel in Hebrew, perhaps Yudka in Russian) and would estimate that he likely was born around 1860 but no one by his name appears in the Tiraspol revision lists or anywhere else.

My question is where would metrical records for their births, deaths, marriages that took place in Berdynove likely have been recorded? Where would those who died there likely to have been buried? I cannot find anything on JewishGen or in Nadia Lipes database (which has Odessa vital records) for Yoel, his wife, or their children and would like to know where to look. I also have no idea where in Volyn or Podolia )opr anywhere else) they might have come from, although I do believe that there were relatives in Grodno and possibly another cousin in "Valegotsulovo or Gotsulov, also called Hotzila, and also calledĀ Dolynske."

Thankyou for any suggestions on where to look.

Wendy Kalman
BURDA (later BERMAN), BERG, TEPLTISKY, SIMON, KELMANSKY, GERSHBERG, HERSHBERG, MARKOFF, MALKIS all in Western Ukraine (Odessa, Ladyzhyn, Pogrebische, Berdichev, Mogilev-Podolsky, Kamenets-Podolsky)

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