Harry (Yitzhak) Grobstein, possible great uncle #russia #records

Nancy N. Smith


I’ve been researching the Grobstein family, as my great grandmother was Shirlee Grobstein Cohen. I have quite a bit of information from other researches, but I don’t have anything about Shirlee, except that she was killed in Russia, circa 1904-1906. According to his naturalization documents, Harry was born in Bobruisk, so I would “assume” Shirlee was also.
Do you know if any marriage/death records were kept? Or a way to possibly search cemetery records?
Her husband, Harry Cohen, is another person I’m looking for. He came to the states in 1906, but I can’t find a manifest, or naturalization documents. I’ve heard that, if someone was in steerage, they wouldn’t be listed on a manifest. Is that true?
Thank you!

Nancy Newmark Smith

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