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Sally Horn

I am trying to research two people from Botosani who were reportedly relatives of my grandmother.  On Jewish Gen's website, I found one of the names Iosef Cohn from Botosani, referenced under Claims Conference, Romania.  There are different entries in the Source/List Code:  JM-13.347/YS-31 with a reference to Internment in Botoshani; JM-13.383/YS-1m; and JM-13.383/YS-1g.  What do these references mean?  Is there a place where I can acquire the details?  Thank you.
Sally Horn
Researching:  Knepler/Cnepler, Goldstein, Abramowicz, Cohn in Iasi, Stefanetsi, Raduati, Radauti-Prut, Botosani, Cluj
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