Hungarian-Jewish Archives #hungary

MTB <71431.1612@...>

Everything that Tom quoted about the Hungarian-Jewish Archives is true, I
think, at least in the abstract. I agree to call first. >from what I
understand, everything they have is in boxes, so far uncategorized. It
would be interesting to know if it is at least categorized by counties. I
understand that even scholars are not permitted to root through the boxes

from my talk with Dr. Gyorgy Haraszti last summer, the former head of
these archives, there is nothing of genealogical interest in them, at least
for the Burgenland Jewry.

Maureen Tighe-Brown

mod- Is it fear, greed or apathy that keeps these important and valuable documents interred within the bureacratic stranglehold of the self appointed oligarchs who call themselves caretakers of Hungarian Jewry?

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