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Sheila Toffell

Gary Pokrassa,

There is another town with the same name as the one in Volyn - Rivne / Rovnoe  approx 30 miles SSW of what was Elisavetgrad. My maternal GM might have come from there, but she only told me Elisavetgrad. I was told about Rivne by her great niece, who lived in Elisavetgrad pre and post war as a child and made Aliyah in the Gorbachev era. However, this cousin of mine also said that our mutual GGF was a jeweler in Elizavetagrad, but he didn't appear in a list of Jewelers so who knows where they lived! I am not sure who it was that lived there but I am contact with another Brizinov family from the same town, but they have not done DNA testing. 

I can see the town of Rivne / Rovnoye on Google Maps but I cannot find out what district it was listed as in Alex's scans past the title of Elizavetgrad. Consequently, I am stuck with hundreds of pages of documents looking for the name of Bresenov / Brizinov.  Do you have any idea what ledgers towns in the approximate area of this Rivne/ Rovnoe  might be in? I think that the town might be a "county seat" at this point, but maybe not earlier on. 

Sheila Toffell
UKRAINE: BRESENOV / BRIZINOV (Elizavetgrad), KORSUNSKY, BERNSTEIN  (Stavische, Boguslav, Tarasche and nearby towns).
POLAND: GEBICKI (Izbika Kujwalski), LAKUMSKI (Skulsk, Radzievow), RACHWALSKI, SOMPOLINSKY / BENJAMIN (Slesin).

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