h-sig digest: September 30, 1998 #hungary

Steven Leof <leof@...>

I haven't been able to locate Kossu, Hungary or Bankoez, Austria Hungary on
the shetl finder. Can anyone tell me where they are/were located or how to
find out?

Many thanks

Steven Leof
Researching my ancestors:
Bacharach >from Germany/Baltimore
Finkle >from Belarus/Ukraine
Fischer >from Bankoez, Austria Hungary
Gutman >from Kossu, Hungary/New York/Philadelphia
Hecht (of the eponymous department store) >from Baltimore
Hertz >from Germany (possibly Freischbach)/Tennessee/Arkansas
Katzenstein >from Hesse Cassel, Germany/New York/South America
Leifshutz/Lipshutz >from Azaritch, Minsk, and Mogelov, Belarus/Gomel,
Levin >from Azaritch, Minsk, Belarus/Gomel, Ukraine
Markovitz >from Dluke Kulcova, Slovakia/Philadelphia
Nathan >from Germany/Tennessee/Arkansas
Neufeld >from Humenne, Slovakia/New York
Nusbaum/Nussbaum >from Tarnov, Galicia, Poland/Newark, NJ
Schwarz/Schwartz >from Neu Sanditz, Galicia, Poland/Newark, NJ
Sherizen >from Kiev, Ukraine/Philadelphia/Toronto

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