Seeking information on Jacob LISHINSKY/LASHLEY #usa

Felissa Lashley

Dear all,
I have a couple of clippings that indirectly refer to my father being
a "former lightweight eastern intercollegiate boxing champion" but
have not been able to find anything more primary or detailed.

Jacob LISHINSKY changed his name to Jack LASHLEY in about 1930. He
attended Brooklyn College from 1927-1934 or so working part time and
going to school. Except for 1-2 years in St. Joseph, MO in 1923-24, he
lived in Brooklyn, NY till 1941 when he moved to the Bronx. In the
1980s he moved to Bloomington, IL.

Many many years ago I looked thru the microfilms of the school
newspapers at Brooklyn College but was unable to find anything.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could find out more about
this aspect of his life? I am near the point of completing this
section of my family history and story to send to the printers.

Thank you so much for any suggestions or help you can provide.

Felissa Lashley
Austin, TX

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