ViewMate translation request - Yiddish and Hebrew #translation

Olivier Neuman


I request a translation of two  mixed Yiddish/Hebrew texts on the two sides of a postcard It is on ViewMates at the following addresses


Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you 

Olivier Neuman

my grandfather Jozef Friedman Ernst born in horodischshe near Lvov and sambor in 9/15/1904 had been married a first time to a woman and they had two Little girls. The woman and the children were murdered during the Shoah. What I have is just a photo of their wedding and I would like to find the name of this woman and maybe of the children to honour and pray for them. I don’t know if it’s possible to find a wedding act because they certainly got married in the end of the 20’s or beggining of the 30’s (so more than 100 years) and without knowing her name I don’t know how to do. May someone help me?

Olivier Neuman

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