Re: Are there KLEINS in your family tree? #hungary


Klein is probably the most common Jewish name in Hungary. But I'll add what I
know about my paternal ancestors, which is not much. My grandfather, David
Klein, was probably born in Kassa (now Kosice, in Slovakia) around 1850. He
married a Viennese Jew by the name of Rosa (or Roza) Kosch, and they had five
children: Jeno, Menyhert, Gizella, Erzsebet and Aladar (who was my father,
born in 1892, definitely in Kassa). Stories about my father's family are not
very reliable, I am afraid. But what I have heard is that Grandpa David was
one of 12 or perhaps 15 children, some of whom Hungarianized their name (David
certainly did). Hence Fenyvesi.
This is close to everything I know. Regards, Charles Fenyvesi

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