Re: Three (not four) Questions #names

Raina Accardi

Regina means queen, regal, royal. Malka, Rayna, Reina, Irina and Irene all have the same meaning.

There are translation groups on "the book of face" that will translate for free.  
Raina Accardi 
Saugerties, NY
Poland: GEVIRTZMAN in Kobylin; JESINOWITZ/YESNOWITZ in Mszczonów; FELSENSTEIN in Parysów.
Belarus: GUTTWOCH/GOODMAN and ZISSERMAN in Volchin; BUSHMITZ in Vysokaye.
Ukraine: TRAUB and JANOVSKY in Kolki, Sofievka, Radomysl, and Zhytomyr; WEISMAN or ROSENBERG.

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