Re: Coincidence? #general

Banai Lynn Feldstein

Our ancestors didn't keep track of when they were born. Even the first generation in the US, their parents didn't know correct the birth dates of their kids. There's a story in my family of one kid who asked how old he was, and they thought he was about 12; they didn't know. You might find even more dates in more records. Usually they settled on a date at a certain time and gave that one in future records.

I heard a rabbi explain once, but I only recall some of the story. It was important to remember the yahrtzeit, the anniversary of their death. But not to celebrate their birth so much.

Neither date is really more reliable than the other. You'll need to find a birth record in Europe if you want to know the real correct date.
Banai Lynn Feldstein
Professional Genealogist
Salt Lake City, Utah

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