Re: Coincidence? #general

Yehuda Berman

Our ancestors used the mostly lunar Jewish calendar - the "week before Pesach" is a good example. My mother was born on Hoshana Rabba (the seventh day of the holiday of Sukkot/Sukkos). But when she was 16, she had to get a (Russian) ID card and for that she had to give a secular date. So she used the date that Hoshana Rabba fell on that year and that became her "official" birthdate and was used on all future documents and for celebrating birthdays. For her it was no big deal. But it meant that there was almost a month's difference between her official birthdate and the date she was actually born. The Jewish calendar doesn't have a leap year day - i.e., a day added every 4 years - but a "leap year month", a month added before Pesach every two or three years so that Pesach will always fall in the Spring.
Yehuda Berman
Efrat, Israel
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