Re: Nazi Archive in Poland Sheds Light on Anti-Masonic History #poland #records

Hello Geners

This is indeed re-writing of history. Conspiration theories made up by radical polish nationalists together with main stream Catholic newspapers (and several important Church figures), were behind the strong and wide anti-Semitism that existed in Poland during the first half of the 20th century. These theories described how Polish Jews and international Jewry, together with the Freemasons, managed to cause the partition and subjugation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the end of the 18th century, and were continuously working to ruin the Polish Republic in the present (i.e. 20th century).  You may find all about it in an article entitled : “A Polish School of Jewish History: From Clerical Judeophobia, through late Nineteenth Century Racial Antisemitism to Revisionist Polish-Jewish Historiography” It was published in the online version of the periodical “Polin”. Anybody interested is welcome to write to me and shall email her/ him the PDF version.

Prof. Isak Gath



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