Re: Painter J. Majzels Zamość #poland #general

Jack Berger

I found a solitary reference in my English Translation of "Pinkas Zamoosc"

Menachem-Mendel Ettinger was also a prominent person in Warsaw. The first record of his community activity dates from 1846: He steps forward as a community delegate and takes part in the military committee of the 3rd circle, whose purpose was to compile a list of Jews eligible for military service. In the years 1854-1856 he is active as a Warsaw ‘Dozor,’ and at the end of his term, he sees through a decision by the community to invite the famous Rabbi Berish Maiseles as Rabbi of Warsaw. He takes part in community activities in later years as well. He also works on a variety of assistance committees, as an example, in the year 1852,  the ‘value committee,’ which was created to provide assistance to poor Jews.

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