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A Hungarian hold is equal to 1.42 acres (0.57 hectares). Obviously, 120
hold was quite enough to enable somebody to be a prosperous full-time
farmer. There were poor peasant families who subsisted on as little as
5 or 10 holds. However, it does not really answer your question. It
depends on how entrepreneurial they were. >from what I know of the Jews
of that time and place, they tried to be as diversified as they could
be. Therefore, it is quite possible that they farmed out a fair bit of
their land to tenants, or hired large numbers of farm employees, and
also ran some other business on the side. My wife's grandfather in
Zemplen had 80 holds of land, but also kept a tavern on the side. A
further temptation to doing this was that they had a lot of children and
thus a lot of hands to keep busy.

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