Samotins of Baku #general

Abromowitz, David M.

Dear Group,


I am tracing my Samotin ancestors, who lived in Baku during the middle 1800s until early 1900s.   My great grandfather was Morris Samotin, 1854-1920, married to Bessie Yachnowitz 1865-1948, and Morris’s father was Aaron.   Aaron might have been born in Warsaw and migrated to Baku.   My grandfather Joseph 1890-1963 and most or all of his siblings emigrated to the USA around 1911.   However, most of what I have read is that the Jewish migration to Baku was not until around 1900 when the oil industry attracted them, while my ancestors were there much earlier. 


I would appreciate anyone who has good historical information about the Jews of #Baku, connections to the family names Samotin or Yachnowitz, or any other helpful information. 


Thank you,


David Abromowitz

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