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Julian Chilewitz

I'm looking for my History of my Families.
!)  My mother Myriam Chilewitz (nee Gavshon) Mother my 1 Gran was Katie Rgosin.
    Thanks to Paul Cheifitz for his great effort. Have got from 1780.
    Her Father was Jack Aron Gavshon my 1 Grandfather. He was from LIthuania (Still searching)
2) My Father Leon Chilewitz as I knew him was from Latvia. He never spoke about his family, only some      cousins in South Africa. The following (Cilevitz, Skuy, from one side & Lotkin.Baum & Horwitz from  
    the other side.
    On his South African Naturalzation Papers His name was Leib Zilevitsch son of Jankel Chilewitz &          Sare Horvitz (Latvin) Place of birth Rexzekne Latvia 19th June 1908.
    Have found Photos (Yuddish on the back) of his Father, Mother, Sister Pesya (Pesia) & Brother Isaak      (Aisek). Also the name Cilevics. Having trouble finding more.
    Many thanks.
    Julian Chilewitz





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