Re: Help needed locating the town of Estricht #austria-czech #poland #general

Frank Szmulowicz

I do not know where it is but here is proof that there is a town like them in Galicia (the part of Poland under Austro-Hungarian occupation)
Born in Estrich, Austria (province of Galicia on 16 May 1887 to William Szewczyk and Margaret Schnell. Christina Szewczyk married Jacob Kielbasa and had 4 children. She passed away on 1963-04-19 in Caldwell, NJ.

Born in Estrich, Austria on 6 Aug 1864.
 Frank Joseph Ditchman married Anna Lee White and had 1 child. He passed away on 11 Feb 1951 in Houston, Harris, Texas, USA.



  1. A submission from Australia says the name Estrich means "Estrich is variant of the Yiddish word Ostreicher which refers to a person from Austria. It is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname that refers to either a person from Austria, or a person who had associations with that country. In German Osterreich means eastern kingdom, and Osterreicher means Austrian. Est is a simplified Yiddish form of the German word ost ( East ), and rich is a simplified version of the German word Reich ( kingdom or empire )" and is of Jewish origin.

Perhaps then Estrich simply means someone from AUSTRIA and AUSTRIAN.

Frank Szmulowicz

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