Re: Seeking any information about Dr. Otto Hess and wife Leni Hess #general


Hi Tamara,

This is the Gneisenau ship list for 27 Dec 1938 from Bremen to Shanghai. If you find your father on it, you can also click the More button to the far right of his name for possible additional information.,%20China&lang=en

If your father is not on this particular list, here is the link to all recorded passenger embarkations from Breman to Shanghai 1920-1939 where I found the above record.

You can search the site by "Family name", "Shipnames", etc. via the links down the left side. I found the Hess family departure by clicking Shipnames, then Gneisenau, and then searching that list for all departures to Shanghai. You will see there were only four 1938 departures on the Gneisenau from Bremen to Shanghai (11Jan,12Jul,4Oct,27Dec) so it is great you know when he travelled. 

Good luck with your search. Let me know if I can assist.

Karen Schneider
Bolingbrook, Illinois

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