Re: Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family? #holocaust


This TV segment has generated a lot of uninformed comment on what happened in Holland during the Holocaust. I was even surprised to hear the Dutch psychologist interviewed in the 60 Minutes segment describing the betrayers as psychopaths. Clearly he didn't know his country's history. Some may have been psychopaths, but most were your average citizens. Denunciation became a national pastime in Holland during the war. It wasn't just Jews and Antifascists who were at risk of being denounced, but everyone else being denounced by their neighbors, relatives and even their spouses. Denunciation was so rampant, that it even took the Germans by surprise, they had seen nothing like this in Germany or any other country they had occupied.

For further information I would recommend the following book published by Yad Vashem in 2017, "Denunciation and Rescue - Dutch Society and the Holocaust" by Pinchas Bar-Efrat.   
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

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