ViewMate translation requested from RUSSIAN ( correction). KUPERSZTEJN records from TERESPOL #translation

J.R. Silver

This is a re-post.

I would be very grateful for help in translation from Russian of the following vital records on Viewmate:


1. Terespol 1872 B #21 Gerszko KUPERSZTEJN


2. Terespol 1878 M #1 Gersz KUPERSZTEJN & Chaia KINCBERG


3. Terespol 1885 B # 39 Boruch KUPERSZTEJN


4. Terespol 1899 B #11 Gersz Lejb KUPERSZTEJN



I am seeking to connect these KUPERSZTEJN's to my family tree.

My direct line of descent is as follows:


Maternal Grandfather:

Gersz /Herszko/ Tsvi /Harry KUPERSZTEJN/ COOPERSTEIN, b. 1879 Międzyrzec Podlaski, married to Gitel/Gusta PRZEDECKI/ASHER of Manchester, UK, d. Cardiff, Wales 1972


Great Grandfather:

Boruch/Beyrach/Berachiah/ Barnett KUPERSZTEJN/COOPERSTEIN, b. abt 1851 Międzyrzec Podlaski, married to Frejda Leja ROZEN of Międzyrzec Podlaski, d. Cardiff, Wales 1916


GG Grandfather:

Moszko Mendel/ Moshe Menachem KUPERSZTEJN, b. Pratulin, 1824

married to Dyna ZYLBERKRANTZ of Międzyrzec Podlaski, d.?


GGG Grandfather: Hersz Lejb Jankielowicz (Mendelowicz) KUPERSZTEJN, b. circa 1800, resident Pratulin 1820's-1840's, married to Fejga Dwojra LILIENTHAL of Biała Podlaska, d.?


GGGG Grandfather: Jankiel? (Mendel?) b. late 1700's? Resident Pratulin 1820's?


GGGGG Grandfather Mendel? b. mid 1700's? 


Pratulin is a tiny hamlet on the River Bug, which today forms the Poland/Belarus border.
From 1826, Jewish vital events were registered in neighbouring Janów Podlaski.
Kupersztejn's living in Janow P., Terespol, Konstantynow nad Bugiem and Brest Litovsk (Bug river towns) in the 1800's are presumably descended from the Kupersztejn's of Pratulin. 


[There is a theory that ALL the KUPERSZTEJN/KUPERSHTAJN/KUPFERSZTEIN's of this region are of common rabbinic descent, but that is another big story.]


Many thanks for your anticipated help in adding branches to the family tree. Please respond in the form provided on Viewmate.


Judith Silver, London UK, 20 Jan 2022



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