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David Lewin

At 07:24 20/01/2022, assa.sittner@... wrote:
I am looking for information about
Martha (born) Frankel (married) Mechner (married again) Wiener.
Location: Prussia, Bielsko-Biala, wroclaw and maybe also Krakow.
Born: unknown
Marriage I: Markus Mechner
1st child: 1901Erna Mechner (born in Wroclaw?)
2nd child 1904 Ernst Mechner
1st husband dies: 1904
Marriage II: 1905 with ( Josef?) Wiener (I am very interested in this guy's family)
3rd child: 1909 (Rosa Wiener born in Bielitz / Bielsko-Biala).
Assa Sittner

I have no idea how up-to-date my records are but try .....

 Doris Mechner  doris.mechner@...,

David Lewin

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