Re: Translation of Hebrew tombstones Albany NY Bendel family #translation


To the first I’ll just add that the first line of the first stone is a quote from genesis 24:1. 

the second stone:
the woman Ms Pessele wife of Mr Abraham 
eighty seven years of age
she died Thursday (maybe Wednesday?) 6 Tishri
and buried Friday the 30th (?) of that month
year (5)622 by the short count (ie, not writing the thousands place)
May her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life 

the dates are hard to read and my numbers are likely off,  as it is unusual not to bury quickly. 

the last line is a boilerplate abbreviation used on both stones (and nearly all stones I’ve seen from the past few hundred years)

david dubin
teaneck nj

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