Re: Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family? #holocaust

David Lewin

At 16:47 20/01/2022, Geoffrey Isaac Collins wrote:
Historians bash 'rubbish' findings of investigation into Anne Frank
betrayal |
Headline in web newspaper TIMES OF ISRAEL

Big conclusions demand big proof," historian Johannes Houwink ten
Cate told The Times of Israel. "I cannot believe that a member of
the Jewish Council traded addresses for freedom. After the Council
was abolished, its members were sent to camps, if they did not go into hiding."

As professor emeritus of Holocaust studies at the University of
Amsterdam, Houwink ten Cate spent decades researching the city under
German occupation. According to the scholar, Van den Bergh was in
hiding throughout most of 1944, including during the raid on the
secret annex in early August.

"Van den Bergh's special status [of being protected as a council
member and otherwise] had been withdrawn by the Nazis," said Houwink
ten Cate. "If he had betrayed the Frank family, he had to come out
into the open, and that exactly was what he was trying to prevent."

geoffic at

Why does it have to have been someone who betrayed them? Why
conspiracy theories?

The group of people hiding in the attic had to heat to survive. Food
was scarce and rationed. It is quite enough for the SS or someone
else to have noticed that more food was going into the house that
"appropriate" for the number of people known to be living at that
address. It is equally possible that a sound from the attic was
heard by someone It was August 4th 1944 that they were
discovered. A pity! Had it been in deep winter I would have come
up with a conspiracy theory: The body heat of such a group of
people in the cramp attic was sufficient to lessen the frost on the roof tiles.

All we can do is to say - or think - a theoretical Kaddish for them,
and to remember them.

David Lewin

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