Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family? #holocaust

Joseph Hirschfield

The book's author presented his theory. It was his answer to the question that has existed ever since the Ann Frank diary was published. It is why the 60 Minutes episode has created so much interest. That a Jew could betray other Jews to save his own life may be immoral but happened in other circumstances too. I recall reading of concentration camp inmates stealing food from the weak and the young. The need for survival can overwhelm all other considerations.
Joe Hirschfield
Portage, MI  USA
MINOWITSKI, MINOFF- Brest Litovsk, Wysoko Litovsk -BELARUS
HIRSCHFELD, LINDENBAUM, BUXBAUM, BUCHSBAUM-Bialy Kamien, Gliniany, Skwarzawa, Jaryczow Nowy- GALICIA

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