Re: Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family? #holocaust

Larry Gaum

Dear Andrew
Thank you for your comments.
While I will defend your right to make your comments, I disagree with your observations.
Fortunately, I'm still above ground and can defend myself. 
In a democratic country, both Canada and USA, one is considered innocent until proven guilty.The Jewish leader of which you refer, is dead.  Therefore, he will always remain innocent whether we like it or not.  He is unable to reach our from the grave to defend himself, despite conclusions that he was the one who betrayed the Frank family.
Even in investigations that are perceived as in depth and reliable, errors are, in many cases, unfortunately made.
In a court of law, this principe is accepted. Thats why we have Courts Of Law.
In Canada, we don't condemn or murder someone who may have collaborated with the Nazi Germans.  We demand proof and we don't take the law into our own hands, despite investigations by journalists who then publish books and seek to have the newspapers quote, in a redacted fashion, their conclusions.
We don't behave as the Israeli individuals of whom your refer, murdered other survivors because they stated they were guilty of collaboration.
With respect, I stand by my convictions  and disagree with your conclusions.
Larry Gaum

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