Prezlau=Przeclaw? #hungary

Alan Reische

The one pre-emigration factoid I've been able to pin down with reasonable certainty is that my paternal ggm came from Przeclaw (Yiddish=Pshetzlov) in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Presumably my paternal ggf - a tailor -  came from the same locale.

In searching the Hamburg departure records, I've come across a family with the surname 'Lische' that has demographics down to the father's occupation quite similar to my family. (This surname occasionally appears in my post-emigration records as well.) The Hamburg records list the family place of residence as 'Prezlau, Osterreich'.

At first, I wondered if there had been confusion with Breslau, but in 1879-1880 Breslau was clearly part of the Prussian-German Empire, and it is unlikely that a Hamburg ticket agent would have confused the two. I don't find anything to indicate that Prezlau was the Germanicized version of Przeclaw but the phonetic similarity and the family demographics seem to match up.

Does 'Prezlau' strike members as a likely match for Przeclaw or am I heading down a rabbit hole?

Thanks, Alan Reische

Manchester NH


Researching Reische, Lische, Przeclaw, Pshetzlov


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