Re: Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family? #holocaust

Jx. Gx.

The 60 Minute broadcast was made in typical journalistic fashion to give the impression that a thorough investigation was conducted to discover who betrayed the Franks, but in the end admitted their “evidence” was circumstantial and inconclusive. In other words, it was no closer to the truth than previous investigations and may have muddled the mystery even more.  It was shocking to hear the former FBI agent say that suspect X was eliminated because he was not an anti-Semite – as if that's the only reason for betraying the Franks. The team zeroed in on one member of the Jewish Committee (suspect Y) because he had a list of where Jews were hiding. Pursuing that questionable avenue of investigation, wouldn’t it also be possible that other members of the Committee might have access to that same list, making them suspects, too? This question was not addressed. Also not addressed is the fate of the Committee members, excluding suspect Y.  Typically, the Nazis murdered those who cooperated with them once their usefulness had passed. This did not happen to suspect Y.  Here again, no explanation was given. The 60 Minute broadcast reminds me of the 1986 television special “The Mystery of the Al Capone Vaults,” in which tabloid journalist Geraldo Rivera intimated that when the vaults were opened they would reveal a cache of loot and more. That turned out to be a bust.

Jeffrey Gee


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